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June 27, 2011

And the journey begins ...

I was up early this morning, first to get a THS bloodtest and second to meet with my outgoing principal at her new school. For both I had to come clean and admit something I didn't want to admit out loud. For both, I think I did a fairly good job, only shedding a few tears with my Principal, who has become more of a friend this year, which would explain why I allowed myself to tear up.

What was I admitting, you wonder? Had I robbed a bank in college? Had I killed a man? Nothing so dramatic. But it was big and dark and something that I have held on to for months now.
I did have to admit (to someone other than Stacey, Tim and my kids) that I am preparing for bariatric surgery this summer.

I've talked to insurance strangers on the phone about it and I've asked hypothetical questions of others that have had surgery but telling someone face to face is different. The woman that took my blood this morning, bless her heart, was all business until she was just about to take my blood. She lowered her voice then and asked me, very quietly, whether I was getting the Lap Band. I told her probably not, because the thought of having a foreign object lodged in my body kind of ooked me out so I was leaning toward the gastric bypass. She frowned, looked at me with concern, and said "that's kind of extreme, isn't it? Surely you can do this yourself. You don't have that much to lose."

Bless her heart. If she only knew. I told her, no, this has been a struggle and an issue my entire life and I was in danger of getting some serious diseases if I didn't do something now. She backed down then, finished taking my blood and patted my arm, wishing me luck as I left.

Next, on to my Principal. She called me last week to offer me a job at her new school. Now, since getting turned down for a High School job a week ago, I had taken that as a sign that I was supposed to stay right where I was and take care of myself, for once. With my new library ready to go in August, I knew I could have surgery this summer without having to do any packing, lifting, moving or stressing at work. Her phone call, though, threw me for a loop.

Why she needed a new Media Coordinator is a story for another day, probably, but in short, her MC took another job and left behind a huge mess. Knowing that 1) I love a challenge, 2) I was prepared to move already and 3) we work well together, she called me to try to sweet talk me into taking it on. In my heart, I had already decided I was staying at my school but I told her I would come by, check it out and maybe give her some pointers on what needed to be done to get the place in shape.

It was good to talk to her. It was good to see the library because it made me appreciate my gorgeous place even more. It was actually good to tell her about the surgery because she was very sympathetic and supportive. I felt bad letting her down but we did strategize her next move in her search for a replacement MC.

All in all, it was a good experience actually telling people today. I think I can do this. And so it begins. 

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