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July 4, 2011

Meet Patio Cat

This is Patio Cat. I was determined not to get attached when he showed up on our doorstep and immediately curled up on my feet. I swore I would harden my heart when he crawled up my leg to sit in my lap. But when he curled up around my neck and nuzzled my ear with his warm little nose, I caved.

His name might be Hobbes. I was back and forth on a couple of names. Pete (so I could call him Sweetie Petey). Frank (after my high school drama teacher, Father Frank Toste, who is in the hospital right now and used to give me that very same look when I flubbed a line). Calvin. And he may not even be a boy, y'all, so I son't know what to call him.  BUT Tim has already said Hobbes and that he would be his NC cat. I say if Tim wants an NC cat, maybe he should move in with his NC girlfriend. But I digress.

Patio Cat. He's redonkulously cute. And I think he's ours. He seems awfully comfy.

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