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March 19, 2008

In case you were wondering...


A good thing because our kindergarten classes sit at about 20 munchkins per and they can get a little unruly at times.

March 16, 2008

magic in your hands

By Masashi Kawamura, so simple, yet so elegant. Definitely magical.

March 14, 2008


(edited from the original ... hahaha, I am a weener!!!!!)

( p.s. ... I love you, T!  <3 )

March 13, 2008

at an impasse

It's my fault he did it, because I went out to the car and left him alone in the house.At least that's what he said.

About 4 inches long and an inch or so wide, the hole in my wall is going to take some patching. I'm not doing it.  If he wants to ball his 16 year old fists like a man, then he can spackle like a man.

I've been crying for four hours today. worse than yesterday, though yesterday I slept away the stress instead of crying. The day before I had a few crying jags and a heaping helping of insomnia. This recent bout of teenage assholery is wearing me down. I'm ready for boot camp. Or a therapist. Both for him, natch. I'll be right as rain once all this stops.

Seriously, I divorced the X because of the emotional bullying and I was feeling it again tonight. Blaming me for making him lose his temper. Guilting me into apologizing when I was the one being attacked.  Making me afraid to say anything for fear of starting another argument. I've just shut down over the past few days. I can't fall into the pattern of withdrawal for protection again, not from a 16 year old. This is my house. My rules. My family.

Damn, I hope this hole can be fixed.

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