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November 29, 2004

Chapter 13 ... in progress

*this chapter is about Katelyn going back to her apartment ... she finds Michael has taken off with most everything that was of value. While at the apartment, she had a dream that really freaks her out. She will pack up what she has left and move back to the cabin. If you would like to read the freaky dream, click below.*
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Chapter 12 ... in progress

Katelyn downshifted, felt the engine slow, the tires crunching over the icy roads, and tried to make her heart match it. As soon as she had seen the sign at the crossroads and turned down this road, it had gripped her, the panic, and she had to fight to move her hand to the stick shift. She kept it there, holding onto the knob, feeling it vibrate, secure in the knowledge that she could still manipulate it, slow down more, even stop if she had to. She felt the tired loose their grip on the road again and tensed up, easing off the gas. Why can't they just sand this road?? Paving it had been an improvement in the old, rutted dirt road but, now that it was paved, no one came to maintain it in the case of severe weather. How the state could build a road and then not maintain is was ridiculous to her. Then again, in this area, usually ice and snow melted almost as soon as they hit the ground so there wasn't a need to do anything but wait for the sun to come out. It had been unusually cold lately, though, and, with the sun blanketed by the thick cloud cover, it looked like the ice would be here for a while. Just my luck. I'm stuck in this God forsaken place and there is no escape.
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November 21, 2004

Chapter 11 ... in progress

Katelyn pulled into downtown Enfield and found the lawyer's office with half an hour to spare. She had no desire to go in and wait for her appointment so she parked a few blocks from the office and slowly walked past the storefronts along Main Street. She still had a slightly fuzzy head, though the drive had helped clear it a bit, her edges were still slightly unfocused. She wandered into the coffee shop, thinking that an espresso was just what she needed to clear her head.
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Chapter 10 ... in progress

The call had come just as Katelyn was sitting down to dinner. She knew the lawyers would be calling her, she just didn't know how long after the body was in the ground that the vultures would be swooping in. This particular vulture identified himself as William Davis of the Davis, Davis and Clayton legal firm. Katelyn recognized his name as one of the jocks from her graduating class, remembering that his father had been a lawyer. Like father like son, she thought wryly, but she really wasn't in the mood to spend any time on familiarities. It was apparent this was a business call.

"I have your father's will here ready to read, Miss McKenna, along with some other paperwork that we need to discuss. Could you come down to my office tomorrow?"

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Chapter 9 ... in progress

Barbara put the last bag in the trunk and shut it firmly. She turned to look at the farmhouse. She still didn't feel as though her work here was done but she really had no choice. Her extra time was up and she had no more days off to give Katelyn. Besides, her supervisor needed her in Norfolk. There was a Gulf War veteran there that had been on the waiting list and that was her district.

Barbara walked around the car, hoping Katelyn would come out to say goodbye. They had unfinished business but Barbara didn't want to preach. Almost as if she had read her mind, Katelyn stepped out the front door. Barbara walked back, sitting on the front steps, and Katelyn joined her.

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November 18, 2004

Chapter 8 ... in progress

Katelyn heard voices downstairs at the edge of consciousness and tried listening to their conversation. She didn't know how long she had been asleep but didn't think it had been very long, judging by the angle of light coming in the window. Her head didn't hurt as much as before so she tried to sit up slowly, trying to keep her head still, and was surprised and relieved when she could sit up and not feel too dizzy. She slowly moved to the end of the bed to look out the window and saw a long black wagon out front. She had hoped that his body would be gone by now.
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November 14, 2004

Chapter 7 ... in progress

Katelyn didn't know how much time had passed but suddenly she found Barbara, taking her hand out of her fathers and patting her arm gently' Katelyn looked up, bleary eyes, and noticed immediately the absence of sound. She sighed loudly, to make sure her hearing hadn't gone and heard herself so she knew that there was something else missing. She started when she realized that the machines were off. After living with the steady whoosh of the oxygen and the slow beep of the heart monitor as constant background noise, she had gotten used to their mechanical beating. Startled, she looked over toward her father, thinking the electricity must have gone out but she could see him in the dim light from across the room. No the electricity wasn't gone. Her father was. She looked back at Barbara, who said quietly, "I'm sorry." And all at once, like stepping under a waterfall, it washed over her, the reality of it.
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November 13, 2004

Chapter 6 ... in progress

Growing up on McKenna Farm in Enfield, NC had its advantages. Crime was non-existent. Then again, when you own 140 acres, are one of the most respected farmers in the community and have a shotgun and a temper, most people steer clear of you out of respect. Big Jack had earned it, though, raising his daughter on his own and running the most profitable cotton farm in the county, if not the whole of Eastern North Carolina.
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November 9, 2004

Chapter 5 ... in progress

Katelyn crushed her cigarette into the sandy soil at the edge of the field. After several days of rainy November weather and another completely overcast week, the cotton was ruined. Any fibers left in the bolls were drooping and dirty and all of it had begun to blacken and mildew. The stems of the plants were rotting from the inside out. Just like Dad, thought Katelyn.
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Chapter 4 ... in progress

Katelyn McKenna's birth had been the biggest thing to happen in the McKenna family for a long time. As the only surviving McKenna, Big Jack knew that it was up to him to have children, specifically boys, and Maeve had certainly been game to try. By the time this pregnancy had held, though, Maeve had become paranoid and skittish, considering it her own personal failure that she couldn't carry a baby to term, couldn't be the woman she thought Big Jack had fallen in love with. Since Maeve had taken to bed, Maureen had taken over the household. While this could have caused even more turmoil for Maeve, she found Maureen to be such a kind soul, so understanding and accepting of her flaws, that the two women had formed a deep bond through the winter. As Maeve watched the winter slowly turn to spring and her due date come closer, her mood had begun to come out of dormancy, to warm and unfurl itself, to relax into the infectious promise of the spring. Big Jake could once again make her laugh like he used to, delighting in the crinkling of her nose when she smiled, reveling in the light that was once again burning in her mercurial eyes.
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