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August 4, 2008

Was she there or something??

Wow ... this is one of those moments where I look around for the hidden microphones. Because this conversation?? It's been had, almost to the letter!

And here I thought we were the only goofballs. What a relief.

*adding "The Dictionary Of Shit That Doesn't Exist" to my search engine toolbar*

**oh, and this conversation came no where near the Great Fruits vs. Veggies Debate of 2006, but it was a good one**

June 11, 2008

I couldn't be more proud

GIRL:  Aww, Iggy is all fuzzy faced, look!  (shoves large cat in my face)

ME:  Eww, he just farted, get his stink away from me.

GIRL:  That's just his "Hi-I-just-woke-up-play-with-me fart."

ME:   Oh really?

GIRL: Yes, I can read his farts. I'm a Fart Whisperer.

December 16, 2007

OMG! LOL! ROFLcopters!!1! etc. ...

Merriam-Webster has announced the Word if the Year for 2007. You'll never guess what it is.

Another overheard from last night. Driving around Greenville looking at Christmas lights with three teenage boys while listening to Dethklok, I noticed how you could interchange the word ROFLcopter for Hatredcopter ... and I sang it  that way, loudly, much to my boy's chagrin and the other boys delight. The night just got sillier from there.

FRIEND: "Your mom is so cool."

SON: *rolled eyes*

Oh, and NO sleep was gotten but MUCH Guitar Hero was played. I went downstairs to play Beautiful Katamari at about 5:45, hoping the soothing music would put them to sleep. They are snoring away now.

All nighter

"All I wanted was a brownie, and you wouldn't give it to me!! *SHANK*"

                                                ~Charlie, 15, a guest at the boy's 16th birthday overnighter

November 9, 2007

During a storytime discussion...

"Rashaad, back up! You're in my bubble, man!"
-DJ, 1st grader defending his personal space.

September 15, 2007

The morning after my daughter's sleepover ...

"I have a black belt in crazy!"
                       -Rachel (14)

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