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November 15, 2007

Session One

Staked out a seat at the back, near an outlet so I can keep charging. I expect to be using this a lot away from power so I need to refill when I can.

I'm awfully tired today. Not sure why but I had a hard time sleeping last night. I'm hearing  lot of the same rhetoric today that I've heard for the past few years and I'm not seeing much progress. Maybe it's just that I'm not making much progress. This brick wall hurts after a while.

Amazing, I set my stuff down and turned the chair that was in front of me around so that I could use it as a desk and some chick sat down in front of me and took over the chair. AND she is sitting her big-haired self right in front of me. Grrr .....

Update: Wow, it's getting packed. This guy is always popular. I've been interested in his theories for years and I'm hoping others are listening to him, too. I think he's the future of librarianship.

Handouts for Social Networking by David Warlick

Gotta love his energy.

A social network is a social structure made up of nodes (individuals, organizations) tied together by one or more specific types of interdependance.

Research Second Life and virtualism.

Media = an industry that markets fear and death for profit.Working against those of us who are trying to help people accept the internet as a connection tool.

WOW -- connecting people with common missions/problems/solutions. Watch that network.

Using a wikispace to do a school project - suggestion for Jazz
Should we  connect to kids on their own turf? Will we be welcome?


Here we go

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