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November 15, 2007

Blogging the conference

One thing I always like to do at conferences is take my laptop. That way, as the presenter is throwing up links or interesting things to go along with the handouts, I can bookmark them right then and there, saving me a lot of transposing chicken scratch later on.

I tried to go to the keynote address (really I did) but we got off to a late start this morning. We had a breakfast meeting with one of our vendors (hey, he paid!) and we had a chance to vent about problems we have been having with the software since our conversion 2 years ago. One thing he did bring to the table is that there has been a new version released since our last upgrade that we had NO idea was going to come. I spoke up and asked for specs for the MCs, so we can see, in black and white, that this new version will truly be worth it and because I'm a geek like that. Meanwhile, an email went to our WAN engineer about what version we were running and the possibility of an upgrade and he asked for the exact same thing, except from server-side. That made me feel validated ... it was extra nice since it happened in front of my peers.

Of course, about 15 minutes later, one of the MCs asked for the exact same thing, just using different language. Guess she wasn't impressed. HA!

Since our breakfast ran over the first session, we went to pick up our registration info and snazzy bags (posting pics later) and sat ourselves down to plan out our day ... and then we got talking ... which is why, when it was time for the keynote, there were no seats left and I'm stuck out in the hall. No matter ... the view is gorgeous, the sky is clearing, the trees are MUCH more colorful here than at home, and I get to chill out for a while. My first session is a Warlick one, "Applications for Social Networking Sites in the School Library Media Center"

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