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November 15, 2007

Lofty designs...

Using Moodle as a closed online discussion opportunity ... students are able to share ideas and post reviews and theories about books they are reading.

Setting up forum by topic, not by student, is much more interactive.

This presentation was about a program  done with ESL students but I can see it being used with a BOB team. Introduce it with independently read books but then work with assigned books.

The secutiry is imperative. The writing practice is so important. Students improve with each post.

Start a bookclub and use it for promotion, etc. This will allow a conversation between students/teachers/parents that would not happen otherwise.

Students are allowed to find their voice. Writing on Moodle, they can express themselves with more proficiency than they could in person. Usually they don't see the connection between speaking and writing voices ... this helps them blur the line between the two.

You can upload files, including podcasts!!!  This could be perfect for 4th grade and their booktalks. :)

What I enjoy seeing is the connections kids are making, not only with each other but with their teachers.


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