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November 22, 2007

Meet Miss Priss

In part 2 of Cat Blogging, you get the distinct pleasure of meeting the smallest and most neurotic member of our family.


Name and Age:
Spot, 3 yrs. 6 mos.

Breed, coloring:
Silky Shorthair, black with a small patch of white on her belly, black pads and nose, yellow (crossed) eyes.

Spoot, Spooty Patootie, Spotzilla, Miss Priss, Spotty Potty, Poopskins, Small Diet Poop, Skinny Minnie, Spootros Spootros Ghali. More than I can count.

Actual Name when we got her:
She got a spot of oil on her head and, thus became Spot. It stuck.

Why we got her:
To save her from a life of torture in the hands of T's cousin's kids. T and I had just started dating and he found the kittens on the side of the road. I knew I wanted one right away and he brought Spot down the next weekend. It was fate.

General disposition:

Nickname When Bad:
She is almost never bad.

Favorite Pasttimes:
Being cute. Not trying new things.

Claim to fame:
Does not like to touch the floor. Can leap amazing distances.

Favorite toy:
Humans. Will play with string if in a very good mood.

Best trick:
Can jump from 2nd floor to bottom of stairs without making a sound.

Least favorite activities:
Fraternizing with the other cats.

Nickname when lying on the floor:
Cutie Spootie Patootie (usually said when she is writhing on her back looking adorable.

When upset, humans should:
Apologize, maybe buy her flowers.

Loves us most when she is:

Medical history:
Has licked her armpits raw. Hates to have her fur out of place.

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