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November 21, 2007

Cat blogging

Yes, it has come to this. Oh, how the wishes-she-was-mighty has fallen. Since I just worked 9 hours AND grocery shopped AND have to bake a pie, I thought I would take the easy way out entertain you by introducing you to muh pets.

At the risk of her thinking I'm a stalker (seriously, I'm so not! I swear!),  SJ once had a post thingy on her blog that cracked me up about her cat, Taibas, and she looks EXACTLY like the elder statesman of our house. I've always wanted to do this for our cats because they have very interesting personalities and they are very much a part of our family.


Name and Age:
Lucky, 11 yrs. 7 mos.

Breed, coloring:
Shorthair, black with the occasional white hair, black pads and nose, green eyes.

Lucky Duck(y), Luckster, Luckaroo Bonzai, Master Mouser, Plucky.

Actual Name when we got him:
He didn't have one. He was one of a large litter living under a trailer in a trailer park outside of town. He was only about a month old and soooo teeny! Pretty dirty, too.

Why we got him:
We lived in a rural area surrounded by tobacco, peanut and cotton fields. The first frost and/or harvest drove the field mice into our house and I couldn't handle finding them in the oven and cabinets (someday I'll tell you the story of Mousechwitz), and I insisted we get a cat, even if only to warn the mice away with his scent. I had no idea he would be a killing machine. I finally trained him to catch so I could release, but not before many, many presents were left for me. :(

General disposition:
Grumpy old man.

Nickname When Bad:

Favorite Pasttimes:
Plotting world domination. Reminiscing about his youth, especially as he rolls on the concrete patio in the sun. Chasing greeblings. Glaring.

Claim to fame:
Post-poop runaround.

Favorite toy:
Anything with catnip.

Best trick:
Says "Out" when you stand by the door and he wants to go out.

Least favorite activities:
Bathtime. Hugging. Anything requiring human contact.

Nickname When Lying on the Floor:

When upset, humans should:

Loves us most when he is:

Medical history:
Allergic to fleas. Has licked himself practically bald in the past. All better now. :)

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