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November 23, 2007

Cuddlebug alert


Name and Age:
Iggy, 1 yr. 2 mos.

Breed, coloring:
Shorthair Tortie, white with black and tan striped patches, pink pads and nose, golden eyes.

Ignacious D, Iggzilla, Iggaling a ding dong, Iggy Smalls, Fattykins, IgglePiggle, Iggly Wiggly, Iggs 'n Toast, Iggothy, Iggnition Switch, Stinkpot, you name it.

Actual Name when we got him:
Oreo. I know, he looks nothing like an Oreo. His 'eyeliner' and bad case of the shakes he had when I met him reminded me of Iggy Pop so he became Iggy right away. Even though we thought he was a she.

Why we got him:
I was working late one day and the mom of one of my students came and introduced herself to me. They had a house fire the week before and were trying to settle into an apartment but they had a problem. Seems a stray cat had been living in their garage and she and her newborn kittens needed homes. There was only one kitten left when they came to me. I figured a girl kitten would be well tolerated by our other 2 cats. I know, I'm a sucker. Turns out another teacher sent them down to me, knowing I'm a cat person and a softie.

General disposition:
Playful, energetic, sweet and friendly. And none too bright.

Nickname When Bad:
IG-gy (our tone makes him stop and look terribly innocent)

Favorite Pasttimes:
Snuggling (especially nuzzling my neck). Following me into the bathroom. Trying to get attention.

Claim to fame:
Can go from 0 - Spaz in record time. Also works in the reverse ... will relax (and fall asleep) in a heartbeat. Also tries to fit into spaces that his bulk no longer allows him to.

Favorite toy:
His humans and anything else he can find.

Best trick:
Knows when my alarm is going to go off and wakes me up 10 minutes before it does, every day. Bangs on the beads hanging in my daughters doorway to wake her up in the morning.

Least favorite activities:
None. Is very easygoing and loves to play.

Nickname when lying on the floor:
Asking for Trouble

When upset, humans should:
Try not to laugh.

Loves us most when he is:

Medical history:
Was a mess when we got him. Dirty, scrawny, full of fleas and worms, he now is healthy, pleasantly plump and oh so clean, except for his annoying habit of passing noxious gas.

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