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November 24, 2007


I've been playing Beautiful Katamari since T got me the 360 and loving every minute of it. I'm one of those people that just like to finish everything and feel as though I've accomplished something rather than just play with no goals in mind. Achievements, I'm embarrassed to say, are just the thing to motivate a person like me to play.

I'm embarrassed because I've spent the better part of 2 years calling T an Achievement Whore only to find out that I'm one too!! Who knew?!

Tonight, I got a biggie in BK. I rolled an Astronomical Katamari, over 1.5 million Km, something we were never able to achieve in the earlier iterations in the Katamari franchise. Sure, I had to download 4 more stages to do it but it was worth it. It was very exciting and all the sweeter because I had been trying so hard to get it. I almost feel as though I have accomplished something today.

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