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November 6, 2007

Alone and feeling it...

Ok, I said yesterday that I was feeling overwhelmed at work and extremely tired. Mostly that's because my assistant is out of town and I've been flat out crazy-busy at work. Above and beyond that, though, I've been missing having the support of my assistant for a while now.

Since she got the job last year, J and I have become friends. Honestly, when I first met her, she and her husband were co-presidents of the PTA and I was a new Media Coordinator at this school. I knew within a few minutes of talking with her that we would be friends. She just had a familiar way about her and no wonder ... we're both from Massachusetts. She is quick to laugh and, since I use humor to both cover my insecurity and express my real feelings, I quickly found out she is a great foil for me.

When she got the job as my assistant 2 years ago, I was hopeful that we would work well together. She learned pretty quickly and, though she can be ditsy at times, she tried hard to keep up with me. This has been a rough year for her, though, and I'm feeling it at work.

Last spring, after struggling with health problems all year, she found she needed to have surgery over the summer and would not be able to lift anything for 6 weeks. This, of course, meant she couldn't help me at all with packing the media center for the renovation. Why, yes, I did have to have surgery, too, thanks for asking. She did try when we came back to school in August but with new administration, she was pulled more and more to stay up in the office. For much of the year, I've been left alone down in the media center and when she does come down, it's as though she's not sure what she should do anymore.

Her family life has been a big distraction for her too. He husband lost his job suddenly and much, if not all, of her focus has been on keeping him together. 

Maybe its me but when I get to work, I try to forget about life outside school. If I didn't, I wouldn't be able to function. J is the exact opposite. She can't function unless she is dealing with her problems, whether or not it is the appropriate time.  Is there an appropriate time to deal with personal problems in a professional  environment?

Anywhoo ...   Her husband for a new job ... in NH ... and he started yesterday. J flew up with him to help him get settled and I'm sure after coming home after midnight tonight, she will be a wreck tomorrow. While she has been gone for the past 2 days, though, I have gone through an awful lot of her work (since I'm stuck at her desk all day) and I hope I have gotten her back on track and laid out enough work for the next week that she won't have to wonder what to do next.  I'm so aggravated with how things are going at work that I don't want to take it out on her and I know I'm going to have to lock myself in my office for a few days before I go to the conference next week.

Oh yeah, live blogging from the conference, bay-bee!

Oh, and I dropped off my resume to central office and I'm waiting to hear back about an interview. Yeah, back where I was 2 years ago. *le sigh*

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