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January 11, 2006

I <3 my geek!!!

I tell you what, nothing beats having a geek of your own.

*heh, sounds like a modern day Virginia Woolf book*

From the simplest logic problems to the really big OMFG-my-harddrive-just-died panic moments, he's always there and he's always got a fix.

I have to admit, as someone that prides herself on being self-sufficient, self-reliant and a wanna be geek, there are times that I get frustrated that I even have to ask for help but, when I do, he helps without complaint. And for those really tough stains (when I pretend something isn't really a big deal because it really is too far beyond me and I refuse to admit it), he will just ... know ... and suddenly it's done and I'm surprised and relieved and amazed and feeling incredibly lucky.

He could be a typical male and rub it in, how he had to be the man and fix something for his helpless little, stupid, clumsy chick. Now, no hate letters, because I was actually married to that guy and I KNOW they exist! He never makes me feel stupid, though. He allows me my pride and helps me learn how to fix it myself next time.

And when life totally overwhelms me, I know I can turn to him and he will help me see the big picture, remind me to take a breath and, if it's really bad, he'll be right there by my side as soon as he can. Just knowing that makes my life easier. That has nothing to do with him being a geek, of course ... that's just him.

What a guy. Any wonder why I love him?

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