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January 8, 2006

The sounds of Sunday

Microwave humming quietly in the kitchen, nuking a turkey tenderloin that is my food for the week.

Washer and dryer chugging along in concert so that we won't have to be naked tomorrow.

The girl's meltdown subsiding, she sits sniffling and sighing at the kitchen table as it gets later and later and she begins to regret her procrastination. *sorry, girliepants, it's those damn genetics again! you knew the paper was due tomorrow.*

Music through the girl's headset so loud from the other room that I can tell it's Sum 41. Hmm, perhaps that's why she can't concentrate?

Absence of sound from the boy's room ... there should be sounds of him practicing his viola. His problem, not mine, if he doesn't pass his test tomorrow and get to go on the field trip.

Rhythmic licking from boy cat sitting on the couch across the room as he slowly but surely licks himself bald.

Loud purring from girl cat sitting just above my keyboard, watching me type.

Steady tap, tap, tap from me as I try to write my frustration away while trying not to attract too much attention from girl cat, lest she pounce.


Nope. Not working.

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