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December 13, 2008

The Shack

The Shack The Shack by William P. Young

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Reading this in preparation for a Women's retreat in February with boyfriend's mom and church. This feels like a test of some sort.

UPDATE: As an intelligent, unaffiliated realist who doesn't like to have religion thrust down my throat, I took this book up carefully. Would it break the bond between my boyfriend's Mom and me if I couldn't get it? I didn't know just how heavyhanded the book would be when I started so I dipped my toes in slowly, letting the story just unfold.

I like Mack. He is a lot like me. That helped a lot, that I had such empathy for the main character. He has questions and the answers aren't easyt for him to wrap his head around ... many times I had to put the book down to think on what I had just read.

Overall, it was an eyeopener and a positive experience. Did I experience a HUGE epiphany? Not really, but I do sleep better at night knowing there are others that have intelligent answers to questions that I can accept without feeling like I've compromised and had to accept something solely on faith.

Sometimes, for some of us, faith is not enough. Sometimes we need reasons and logic before we can let go. This book helped me let go just a little bit more and I appreciate that.

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