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November 24, 2008

The Book of One Hundred Truths

The Book of One Hundred Truths The Book of One Hundred Truths by Julie Schumacher

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I enjoy reading smaller books specifically because, as a writer, I know it is so much more of a challenge to tell a story of depth with fewer words. Not all smaller books are successful, though. Many books, especially those written for kids, sacrifice character development and most lose sight of emotional nuances in the small moments.

This book is not one of those books. The characters are fully realized, each moment is a perfect, poignantly realized morsel to savor. Having grown up on the coast, I could almost smell the sea water, feel the breeze on my face, the coolness of the sand beneath the surface on the soles of my feet. I could also feel the shame and panic Thea feels as she finds her carefully constructed web of lies, and her family, unraveling.

I eagerly read this compelling little book and thoroughly enjoyed discovering and uncovering Thea's secrets. It is an incredibly insightful book, focusing on the relationships between people and how secrets and lies can shape or destroy them.

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