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September 9, 2007


So last we spoke, I had gotten some prescriptions from my doctor and was hoping I would be more better soon. Good and not-so-good news on that front.

My incision is finally healing (yippee!!!), I'm occasionally getting restful sleep (thank you, 8 lb. 6 oz. baby Jesus) and I was beginning to feel more hopeful. Just as my body was getting used to the Lexapro, I saw my doctor for a follow-up. I mentioned that I was worried about the cost of the So-called-Magic-Medicine-with-FDA-Approved-Generic that unfortunately, because of lawsuits, will not be available to the general public until at least 2012 (and thus will cost a whopping $50/mo. with insurance) because I know me ... if it comes down to a tight month like last month and I have to either pay for my kids lunch or my prescription, my kids win every time.  She suggested I switch to the comparable Celexa ($10/mo for the available generic) and that sounded more my speed (and budget).

Well, the switch from one to the other isn't as smooth as I would like. I'm under extreme stress at work (installing the new furniture and under pressure to finish it all as soon as possible, as well as the normal first few weeks of school stress), I'm still physically recovering (weak as a kitten, I think, sums it up) and I've beeen a bit woozy as I transition from Lexapro to Celexa. Apparently, side effects can be nausea, headache, dry mouth, unbridled use of hyphens (and the often obnoxious overuse of parenthetical asides).

I'm hoping to level out soon because right now, I'm feeling doubtful, paranoid, anxious ... and my emotional flutters are a supreme annoyance, especially now. T's family is going through a sadness but I am too far away from them to help and I desperately want to be closer. Even if I can only be by his side as a buffer for emotions. Above all, I need to hold him ... 150 miles never felt so far away.  Just wishing for a green light.

Ok, back to my normal Sunday of cleaning, homework, TV and caffeine over-indulgence with my phone by my side, as usual. 

OH ... AND it's 2 days before the girl's 14th birthday and I have NOTHING, PEOPLE!!!!!   :(

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