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September 3, 2007

Safety net

Last month was tight. Like ... wait-until-after-payday-to-buy-groceries-and-fill-the-tank tight. Like ... lose-sleep-stressing-how-to-make-it tight. Luckily, it's about time for my yearly raise.

Payday came, I saw the raise and almost immediately relaxed. The extra would help me breathe a little easier, especially with all the medical bills I have to face. 

Tonight, though, I lost my raise. In a blink, I've got to pay for Japanese workbooks for my son ($49), a performance dress ($94) and a gym uniform ($20) for my daughter, not to mention the school fees, school supplies and clothes I had promised to buy after payday ...

My head hurts ... my shoulders feel like they are up around my ears ... and I'm angry.

I resent my ex for his lack of contribution to the support of his children. His bi-monthly payments are measly and his interaction with them is minimal. He still sees them as they were when he left them ... a bright, funny 1st grade little girl and a serious, smart 2nd grade little boy.

Unfortunately, they are high schoolers now, talking about cars and college and oh. my. god. my daughter is turning 14 in just over a week and I don't even know how I will pay my bills this month, never mind get her a present.

And what will he get her? Nothing. He won't even remember her birthday. Asshole.

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