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June 18, 2007

Making progress

I stood in my new kitchen yesterday, thinking how ghetto I was that I was excited about having a dishwasher ... and a disposal ... and an ICE MAKER in the fridge. How excited I am about being able to paint my walls whatever color I want them. How I immediately thought of the most extreme paint job I could come up with and went with RED walls to go with my (newly) white cabinets and black/chrome accessories.

We have spent the last 3 days painting, then coming back to the 'old house' to fall down exhausted. And T was there with me every day, sometimes feeling in the way, sometimes feeling helpless ... but it was all good because he was there with me. Having him here this past weekend was perfect ... not only did I have someone to hold me when I cried but he laughed with me when I just sat there grinning like an idiot. And I don't think he thought I was ghetto for being amazed at what I have (two and a half baths people ... that is a toilet for every ass in my family!!! and ICE! Did I mention the ice??) ... I think he knows me and where I came from and how we have been living for the past 3 years that we have been together and he knows we deserve better. I think he is proud of me.

I am very proud of myself. I did this. ME.

Hell yes, I'm independent and it's not a bad thing, no matter what my mom says.

OH ... before I go ... here are before pictures of my kitchen/dining room. Will post afters as soon as I'm done trimming this freaking white against the red!!

Ok, I like green ... green is my favorite color ... but this green? Wow ... it had to go.

And what in all that is holy were they thinking, painting the cabinet bodies green?!?!?! On the third coat of white now to cover it up. Just wait until you see how pretty it is. *excited giggle*

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