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May 15, 2006


Though we have already hit the halfway mark, I just want to point out how much I love May.

It's MY month, start to finish. Always has been, always will be.

1) My birthday is on the 19th. The past couple of years, I've rediscovered how nice it is to have a birthday, to have people make a fuss over you. Something about working in an elementary school that just brings the joy back into birthdays. Yippee, I'm getting older!!!

And as if that wasn't good enough, now I also get to celebrate ...

2) Mother's Day. Ok, so this one doesn't always go as planned but still it's a chance for me to remind my kids just how wonderful I am. As an added bonus, they get peripheral guilt from all the commercials that tell them to 'show Mom just how wonderful she is'.

As an added bonus ...

3) Spring in Technicolor. April in NC will break your heart ... one day it's in the 70's, the next in the 40's. Flowers bloom only to freeze overnight. And the pollen? Ick. Once May hits, though, it's all golden. Lows only get down in the 50's and the highs are never too oppressive ... perfect weather for sitting out and NOT getting eaten by mosquitoes.

And to prove that life does get better after 40, this is the second year that I get to celebrate the fact that ...

4) I met Tim in May. This is our second year together and I'm happy to say that this, on top of everything else, makes May officially the very best month. Now I have an anniversary to celebrate, too.

We were sitting on the porch the other night, enjoying absolutely perfect weather, and we were visited by a hummingbird ... the first I have ever seen at my house. It zoomed down to about eye level, checked out the new flowers we had just bought and hung up, then wandered right over to the big feeder hanging from the tree. He drank for a bit then zoomed off. It all took, at most, about 30 seconds but I felt as though time was expanding, surrounding the moment in enchantment.

I'm emotional this month, more than usual. Twice this week, I was moved to tears by joy. I feel impetuous, hopeful, buoyed by the distinctly lucky feeling I have lately. Oh yeah ... this is my month. If I'm not careful, I may let someone know how I feel, without editing. God forbid.

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