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April 27, 2006

Remote blogging

from the SRTTC conference at the Greenville Hilton. Registered and snagged some coffee, sat and talked to T from Farmville Central (its his first time here so I gave him some pointers) and got an eyeful during the opening "ceremony" from Perquimans Central, an IMPACT school. *sigh* Sure, in a perfect world ... oh well, I can dream.

First session, nothing special, but I had hoped it would be good. Oh well, reinforcing what I do already. Always good to know I'm on the right track.

Second session, I was a total fangirl but I can't help it. I look forward to this conference every year because of David Warlick. He is the reason I do what I do. I would have gone to his first session on blogging but we had already emailed about it in the past and I have already presented on it so I figured I could hold off and only see one of his presentations today.

Thoughts on the session:

He opened with a video from Make ... wierd stuff that people make and they blog the videos. This was a Rube Goldberg-like machine that cooks Ramen Noodles. It was on an insane Japanese TV show, though, so it was a quirky way to start the day. THese people don't knopw him so that let them know what they were in for.

For the presentation materials, go to: Landmark Project

link to session on podcasting. wow.

I can make podcasts of my entries if I want!!!

Hmm ... "The world is flat" ... a must read, maybe? Will look into that.

I really came here because our kids will be podcasting their booktalks. I look around and Carol, the one spearheading this project is here too. Good. Maybe she'll get some tips, too, and I won't have to remember everything. Since she called shotgun on this, I won't be able to do mor ethan grunt work on this project but it's good practice for my doctorate.

AHH ... podsafemusic.com ... can be used for background in podcasts.

With adults, you only have to advise them that they are being recorded. With students, we have to make sure we have the parents permission before making these widely available. Oooh, must check with our copyright guy at DPI.

I need to subscribe to more podcasts. We also need to have an Rss feed on our website/blog so parents could be notified when we update. So much to do ...

Education podcast network. WHO KNEW?

I could make a podcast book recommendation, have a conversation about the books we have read.
OMG, can we do this with Literate Monkeys?? What do you think?

iRiver ... *drool* must. have. one.
Holy moley, as a portable recorder. Just add on an iTalk and he's live podcasting. I'll be blogging/podcasting about this more. I need to drink more coffee to keep up with him!!

It saves it as a wav, needs to be an MP3. Uses Audacity! HELLO! My new toy!! Open source, free, and it rocks!! (tutorial here).

Ah, tip! Change the project rate to 44K.

He's making the EXACT same thing that I just made last month! I knew I was on the right track.

Archive.org ... to save your media files online.
Slapcast ... server space, $5/month
LIPSON.com ... about $5/month

(have not researched, he just talked briefly about them.)

For video file, *.mov files are fine. check into the extension for compatibility.

RocketBoom.com ... not sure I want to support this but I do want to check it out.

WHEW ... the mind reels. Must go grab lunch and get back for afternoon session.

More notes from the afternoon below ...

A very cool Integration presentation from a 5th grade class in WIlson. It is something we could do but we may have to get support from ECU to get it done. I would do the job they did but WOW, where would I get the time??? (Links to come later when I get home.)

Next ... On Target for Learning with Microsoft Word ... we'll see what she can offer...

1st grade teacher at another IMPACT model school. Another glimpse into Utopia? She must have time on her hands.

*help, her voice is like an ice pick in my eardrum*

Ok, this is basics, making things in Word. Dang, I thought I was going to learn something new. Though she may be gearing up for more high level applications ... or not.

Ummm .... it would be great if she knew how to use PowerPoint. Yikes, she's practically inept. It's not just that she's doing simple things (everyone needs the basics) but she's just not advanced enough for me. She's like one of my teachers who just learned to use Word and likes the shiny.

There are free generators for this (crossword puzzles, wordsearches) online. Whoops, I picked a dud. Looks like I'll be wriitng through this one.

Ok, so out in the hall, before this, I saw my boss. She thanked me for working on the booktalks with C. I haven't really done anything yet but I will be. I get the feeling she realizes how difficult it is for me to work with C and she really appreciates it. I hope so.

(ok, I could do what she's doing now in Paint, too. She showed how to do a diagram of a Spider using autoshapes. Ummm ... ok)

Trading cards, compound word cards, timelines, lifecycle chart, bargraphs (??? Why not use Excel?!?!) ... good ideas, just simple and time consuming in Word. I see the philosophy, for people that don't have specialized software, but still. I want a SPARK.

Hmm, must look for computer activities the students can do for Multicultural week. (bad sign, my mind is wandering)

TIP: make documents and save as template in a folder on the labuser home drive ... when students try to save, it will come up as save as. I KNOW this but I want to remember to make a directory of templates when I have time. HAHHAHAhahah!! Wooo!! Now that's funny!!

Ok, enough of day 1. Must schmooze, visit with people I like before I go. Not sure what's going to happen tomorrow but I'm looking forward to it.

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