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October 25, 2005

Oy vay, I'm faklempt

I've got to tell you this has not been the most emotionally stable week. And a half. Or two ...

I'm losing track of how long this roller coaster ride is lasting. That can't be good.

I've been so busy I can't seem to stop even when I want to. And when I do physically stop, my brain keeps on racing and I can't seem to get any rest.

I guess I better explain.

I got called about a "career advancement" last week. From the call, I was told that all I had to do was say yes. Since that, though, someone has surfaced that has a beef with the school system and she wants to interview. She doesn't even want the job but now they have to interview her. So I'm stuck going through an interview (which I suck at!) for a job that was already mine.

Meanwhile, my boss wants to send me to Master Teacher training. That's a week away from school, from home, from my kids ... but I want it. It may not help me get the job but it's a step toward it. And it will look good on my resume.

have I mentioned that it's a week away?

SO ... I'm in a transitional phase in my life right now. I have very few things I can hold on to. My kids. T. They center me, remind me why I am working so hard.

It'll be alright. I'm just caught up in it all right now and trying to keep my head above. I wonder how some people can function when their lives are full of chaos 'cause I could use some lessons.

OH ... and grad school? We're really crankin' it up now, baby! Project after project and then what? Another project? Yeah ... just rolling along, waiting for the weekend.

NO, not working for the weekend! Damn earworm ... too late.

A week away in a hotel sounds scrumptious.

come on, baby, let's GO!! *guitar solo!*

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