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March 24, 2009

On romantic gestures...

Inside, I am full of mush. Seriously. Oozing, smooshy mushy mush full of nonpareils and jimmies. So it's kinda chunky but sickeningly sweet. This icky sticky mess is surrounded by a hard outer shell, less candy, more cynical concrete. I don't let many see the inside. When I do, the reaction I get can be anything from horror to embarassment to amusement, and the last thing I want is anyone laughing at me.

There are times, though, that I can't help myself and I have to admit, being in a healthy, long term relationship is making me relax my edges and sometimes the goo spills out. Sorry, I'll clean that up.

The other day, I woke up to find an odd email in my inbox. Apparently, 1500 points had been deposited in my XBox Live account and unless I bought them in my sleep, I had no idea how they got there.

The answer was waiting for me at work. In my work inbox (which I refuse to check from home so early in the morning) was a cute, peppy email from my sweetheart teasing me about buying Peggle from XBLA and reminding me that on Tuesday, the PEarl Jam album Ten would be available for Rock BAnd 2 and that HE put points in my account so I could buy it.

If you know me, this is the equivalent of buying me 4 dozen red roses and having them delivered to me at work via helicopter which would then whisk me away for a sunset picnic. Ok, better than that because I don't think that would do as much for me as the points in my account.

I don't buy much for myself. When I do buy for myself, I have to justify.


I love Pearl Jam. They were such a part of my life when I was a new mom. I remember being in the hospital by myself, in labor with my daughter, and watching Pearl Jam's Jeremy win the Best Video award on the MTV Video Music Awards. Something about their music spoke to me and my kids were brought up on a diet of Ten, Sarah Vaughn and classic Sesame Street.

When we first heard the entire Ten album was coming to Rock Band, I think Tim could hear me plotz all the way from Virginia. Because he is an awesome boyfriend, he told me he would buy me the DLC so I wouldn't have to scrimp or wait or choose just a few tracks. When it came closer to the actual date, it was clear that we would not be together when the album dropped so I figured I would just wait a couple of weeks. Lo and behold, my sweetheart found a way to make it work in one of sweet, sneaky romantic gestures that he is quickly becoming famous for. Sorry, babe, it's called setting a precedent.  Watch out, you may get some of my mush all over you next time I see you.

Umm ... ewww ... sorry, that was ... ANYWHOOO, speaking of romantic gestures ...


The Bloggess posted a link to a website that made even me tear up. How could anyone not say yes??  Though I'm not sure it's the first EVER blog proposal, it is wonderful. Luckily, she said yes.

Congratulations you crazy kids!  Many happy returns. Mommiepie, you got a keeper!

Ok, I gotta go get a mop. Ick.      

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