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May 29, 2008

green thumb

Anyone that knows me knows that I like to think I have a green thumb. I have one houseplant (a ficus tree) that I have kept alive and moved over 800 miles over the past 20+ years. I love the softness and breath that living plants bring into a house and I've always wanted a greenhouse of my own. Something magical about the smell of wet earth and growing green, not to mention how good the warm humidity feels on bare skin. I like growing plants outdoors, too, but their dying in the fall makes me sad ... indoor plants give me hope through the winter.

I've got several nice specimens now. A 4' tall corn plant, an 8' and a 2' ficus tree, several Mother-In-Law's Tongues, some adorable oxalis, a Halloween Cactus, lucky bamboo and endless bits of pothos that I keep rooting and potting up. One thing I have always had trouble with, though is African Violets. I bought myself a cute little  purple one on Mother's Day and I have managed to keep it alive all this time! Here's photographic evidence:

Isn't it cute?

My Lucky Bamboo was a post Valentine's Day clearance rescue mission. I scrounged it out of the clearance section at Walgreens about a week after it was last watered and have nursed it back to health. It's grown a good 6"-8" since coming here. Here is where it usually sits:

And here's a pic showing how well it matches my kitchen *Mom would be proud!*

I have a NEW challenge now, though. For my birthday last week, my wonderful volunteer Gloria bought me a new plant, something I have never owned but always wanted to. A Phalaenopsis Orchid.

and a closeup of the "faces":

Looks like I have a new hobby! :)

I will also be getting some berry plants, a rose bush and a dogwood tree in the mail soon. I'll be documenting their growth here, also. Doncha feel lucky? 

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