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November 16, 2007

State of the State

Francis Bradburn is giving the State of the State address today. I always like this because we get support and reassurance that we are not alone and that we are moving in the right direction. 

One thing I like about this conference is that I have a chance to reevaluate my position in this field. At one time, I was very uncomfortable here, wondering if I had made a good choice. I'm not the stereotypical librarian. No bun, no teacher socks, no embroidered sweaters or horn-rimmed specs.  I guess I am the future of this field, though. I may not fit in but I want to make a difference and I care about libraries.

Kevin O'Malley just came up to accept his NC Children's Book Award for Once upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude. My students will be so jealous.

The statewide winner of Administrator of the Year was from PITT COUNTY! w00t!! Dennis Teel. Congratulations, Mr. Teel!!

K, here comes the keynote, Francis. I may take notes or be too wrapped up in what she is saying.

It makes me proud to be an Instructional Technologist, but I am frustrated to have gotten my license and not be using it. 

"Over the next 3 years, let's make sure that the average age of our collection is only 10 years old."

10 books/child ... our statewide average is 22/child. We need to weed.  I need to do another shelf analysis.

Online initiatives, college prep. for the kids. Investigate through NCDPI.

ALA.com and ISTE.com ... download the standards.

DSL = Digital as Second Language.

Goal is clear / Open to Personalization
Success is trackable / Keep things moving / Actions engage players
How to play / Work to win together

Teach kids / design lessons using Video Game tactics. Oh, this is something I need to learn and write about.

Letting kids tell their own stories. Let them put themselves out there and introduce themselves to their own future.

What are we doing to meet the needs of future learners.

Don't waste time wishing they werer different.
Don't lynch the innovators.
Honor and respect what kids bring to school. Learn FROM them.

PArents want their children to enjoy school ... technology resources, excites kids, makes them happy.

I'm so impressed by Francis Bradburn.

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