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November 13, 2007

On a lighter note answers...

Well, as promised, here are the answers to Sunday's silliness.

NaVetAppMo -  National Veterans Appreciation Month

NaGoVotMo - National Go Vote Month

NaNoSmoMo - National No Smoking Month

NaMoSleMo - National More Sleep Month (thanks to daylight savings! w00t!!)

NaTurEatMo - National Turkey Eating Month

NaThaGiMo - National ThanksGiving Month

NaPuPiMo - National Pumpkin Pie Month

NaFluShoMo - National Flu Shot Month (I got mine, did you??)

NaRoBaMo - National Rock Band Month (Woo!! One more week until release!)

NaKatRoMo - National Katamari Rolling Month (Well, this one is for me, since I now have my own 360 and Beautiful Katamari to play on it)

NaRuToMo - National Generic Japanime Spiky Haired Headband Wearing Ninja Wannabe Month  (*snicker* Thanks, T, this was a perfect addition)

OK, that was funnish, though the threat of NaChoPoMo was a ball (no pun intended).

I have to pack tonight because I'm headed out of town tomorrow. I'm going to Chapel Hill for a conference and I will be back on Friday night. Yes, I'm taking the laptop and I may even live blog the event. Hopefully, their wireless reception is better this year than last.

Wish me luck!

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