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November 2, 2007

More of the same...

So we are driving home this afternoon and there was a commercial on the radio for a child support collection agency. When they mention that you qualify for their service if you are owed more than $5000 in back child support, I casually say that it's too bad the x only owes us $4000 or I could use that company. Ha ha!

My son, just as casually, says that his dad said he isn't going to pay any more than the court makes him, even if he gets the "new job making a lot of money"  (put in quotes because I am very doubtful that it even exists right now), because he wants to be sure that I don't spend all the child support money on myself.

Immediately, my hackles go up. I'm already in traffic at the end of an 11 hour day which included giving blood, choking down lunch in 5 minutes, teaching 4 classes and checking out close to 500 books. To spare you any more numerical details, I'll just say that the child support he does pay barely pays for groceries every month.  It's not like its enough for me to do anything else with it ... trust me, a trip to the Bahamas is right out. Besides, I'm too busy spending my own money on electricity, phone, DISH, mortgage, car payment, insurance (house, car, health, vision, dental, life AND disability), taxes, doctor bills, clothes, lunch money, school supplies, field trips as well as putting some away every month in a college savings fund. All of which benefits the kids, BTW.

Will I call him on this? Confront him for being so bitter and jealous of me that he has to try to cut me down? Prolly not. I would have to admit that the boy told me of their conversation and that would put the boy in an uncomfortable position. It would also tip the x off that I am getting 'reports' from the kids on what he says and how he acts, which could lead to him not being as open with details, cutting off my only source of intel on the enemy. Not smart.

What I will probably end up doing is taking him to court as soon as he gets that "better paying job", get the payments increased and if he needs proof of my monthly expenses, I have got everything down in black and white and I would be only too happy to cram it down his lying, slanderous throat.

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