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October 21, 2007

Beyond comprehension

The boy ... I swear, if he makes it to 16, it will be a miracle. 

He went over a friend's house yesterday afternoon with the intention of sleeping overnight. No big deal, it was Saturday, he had done his chores. I had assumed he would be coming home this afternoon to prepare himself for school tomorrow and get a good night's sleep.

He called about 5 to tell me he was just waiting for his friend's mother to come and she would be giving him a ride home. And I thought he was being so responsible.

Just got off the phone. The mom still isn't home yet and he might have to stay over ... it's so late and he doesn't think she will want to drive him home ... and, he says, I know you don't want to come pick me up this late. Of course, all of his schoolbooks are here and he doesn't have clean clothes for school tomorrow OH, and he's not supposed to spend the night at anyone's house on a school night, but does he consider this? No. And when I bring up any of these minor points, I'M the bad guy.


Seems common sense and courtesy are not his strengths. Like father, like son. Makes me worry.

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