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July 28, 2007

A tune-up of sorts

Hi there. Notice anything different around here? No?? Kick the tires, go on. Take her out for a spin. Runs like a dream, doesn't she?

Well, that just shows how awesome T is. He took my clumsy, hackneyed template, installed the new version of Movable Type on his server and made it all work just like that *snap*.  While on the surface my blog might have look purty, I was learning CSS when I did this ... and I really sucked at it. It took me ages to make the site come close to my vision and, while I do love it, I knew it was far from perfect.  Now? It's perfect. He did an awesome job.

I <3 my geek.

Oh, and I absolutely LOVE the new version of MT ... the admin dashboard is very sleek, easy to use and fairly user-friendly. Compared to the other blogging software I've used, this is, by far, my favorite.

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