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April 20, 2007

Depressing state of affairs...

Crap. CRAP!

Everything I have worked for in my career may be going down the toilet. I think I may be looking for a new job.

*dusting off resume*

It has nothing to do with me or my quality of work. It's all about power trips, politics and egos, something the 'good 'ole boy' society that runs this county (country?) is lousy with.

I have one person to thank for where I am today and that person is the victim of a witch hunt. If she goes, I may not want to stay. I love my school and my kids but she is the one I am loyal to.

I am torn up. I can't reach out to my friend. I can only sit and watch everything she has worked for over the last umpteen years come crumbling down. She is the strongest woman I know, a down-to-earth woman of style and substance that knows how to move mountains, one who has made her some very bitter enemies over the years (mostly of the misogynist prick variety).

This is not the first time she has been the target of something like this but this is, by far, the worst. This time, they took out most of her support staff. Those that are left will not stay for long.

Its going to get a lot uglier if this keeps up, too. To make matters worse, the name being bandied about as a possible replacement is another good-'ole-boy and best friend of the vindictive witch-hunter and knows f*ck-all about how to run a district, nevermind how to handle a staff of 40 or so public school librarians.

Seriously, dude ... we'll eat him alive. No one messes with our kids, and they are the ones that are going to be hurt the most over all of this.

On the positive side, if we do all eventual execute a mass exodus, can you imagine the damage we could do on the way out? No? Well, apparently they could ... several employees were escorted out of the county yesterday. *ahem* Yeah, this is that bloody serious.

Ok, some big decisions to make. Figures all this comes down when I'm planning on buying a house, too. Nothing like adding a little stress topping on a drama sundae.

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