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October 3, 2006

Ready to get the hell out of Dodge

This week, I'm headed to Winston Salem, NC for the 2006 NCSLMA conference. I leave Wednesday afternoon and get back Friday night. I am going alone.

I just like to sit and let that thought dissolve like a sugar cube on my tongue ... mmm, alone ... solitary goodness.

It's weird. I am surrounded by kids all day (570 to be exact) .... they are all needy and so are their teachers. I have the phone ringing off the hook, email emergencies, last minute computer issues, classes back to back with no help at all. And when I say no help at all, I mean I have two assistants for 2 hours each a day ... one has been sick for two weeks and has gotten absolutely nothing done, the other is going to be out for two months starting next week.
We check out an average of 374 books a day (taken over a 12 day period) and I can not do it alone. When they are here, all they do is put up books. This is not going to be fun.

I've been sick for two weeks and have gotten absolutely nothing done. I've known about this conference for a month and am not ready at all. I spent yesterday fretting, an emotional wreck ... I was sitting at a red light in the afternoon and the tears were just flowing.

Today, I have to leave here to go to the bank, get gas and pick up my daughter from school. Then we come back here for another hour or two of planning (getting directions printed out, finishing up my sub plan, putting in tech requests and finishing a defrag on a dying computer). THEN we have to head out to get groceries. AND THEN I have to go home and do laundry and pack because I am leaving right after school tomorrow.

Honestly, I'm exhausted just thinking about everything I have to pack. I must start making lists.

"Hi, I'm Sharon and I'm a listaholic."
"Hi Sharon!"

My world will be right with a list. It has to be.

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