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April 19, 2006


Sometimes, I resent being a girl.

I resent being pandered to, talked down to, not just about 'guy' things but about everything.

I resent how I constantly feel as if what I have to say doesn't have any worth. Where does that come from?

I resent the fact that I can't have a life of my own, that I can't wake up and do whatever I damn well please, even when I'm on vacation ... and I REALLY resent having to do homework while I'm on spring break when I'd rather be doing nothing by lying in bed with the guy next to me.

I resent leaving my full time job only to come home to my other full time job, making everybody else happy.

I resent that I can't even schedule my own vacation without consulting everyone else and their brother to make sure that what I want to do doesn't interfere with their lives.

I resent people that think they can fool me or lie to me and then think I won't retaliate, that I will just lie there and take it like a 'good girl'.

I resent the whole 'boys will be boys' mentality.

I resent the perception that I have to have a man in my life to be 'complete'.

I resent being weak, soft, a slave to my emotions but even more, I resent the perception that I am weak, soft, a slave to my emotions BECAUSE I am a girl.

I resent a society that tries to tell me what I want, what I need, what I should look like, what I should watch, what I should read, what jobs I should do, what games I should play because of my gender.

I resent a society that tries to dictate who I am and how I should act because of my chromosomes.

I resent being taken advantage of because I am a woman.

I resent the assumption that, because I am a woman, I will do whatever I can to get what I want.

I resent the assumption that, because I am a girl, I want to play sub-par video games, read poorly written novels and watch cheesy movies.

I resent companies that don't try harder to bridge the gender gap because, let's face it, stereotypes are easier to phone in.

I resent being called the weaker sex. I'll kick the ass of the next person that uses that phrase.

I resent being responsible for everything and everyone all the time.

I resent all of this because it has made me harder than I should have to be, unable to let my guard down, afraid of being taken advantage of if I show my true self.

I resent the men in my life (my father, my x) that made me so angry, so emotionally crippled that I can't open my mouth and admit my weakness without choking down the rage first.

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