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January 5, 2006

Uberlist 2006

Yet another lemming adding to the pile at the bottom of the cliff but hey, what do you expect? I'm trying really hard to stay positive and not be too bummed out this week, even though I am 1) back to school after a kickass vacation and 2) missing my boyfriend something fierce. I've got to do something to get my mind moving in a positive direction.

So I was reading Sweetney the other day and she had done this Uberlist at the dare of Danielle's, who I don't even know but I'm kind of enamored of at the moment after her description of her mouse problem (my personal mouse hell, known as Mouschwitz, still gives me nightmares). Now there are very few memes that I will pick up and run with but I thought this was good in a self-assessing, self-motivating kind of way. Besides, my daughter asked me the other day what my New Years Resolution was and, you know, I couldn't even think of one thing I wanted to accomplish this year. I figure maybe this will give me a chance to do just that ... and publicly posting them means that I'm more accountable and hell that might make me take them seriously.

Now, I'm not gonna get all crazy and make a list of a hundred but I will do as many as I can ... and add to it as I come up with new ones. I'm a firm believed of goal setting and have come quite a long way by taking baby steps so think of this as baby steps toward a better me.

Holy crap, that was so CHEESY!!!! *rolls eyes*

Before I make myself puke, here goes nothing.

Danielle's intro: The goal isn't to accomplish every single item, or to judge myself by the amount I am able to accomplish rather to remind myself that there are small things I can do on a regular basis nourish my spirit and soul. I hope that posting the list and keeping regular track of my progress incites me to do more this year.

My Uberlist, 2006:

1. Go back to karate (carefully)
2. Go for my green belt (agressively)
3. Cut down sugar and white flour. (if you want to read that as going on a law/no-carb diet, you can, but I'm not doing that ... it's a healthier lifestyle that my body responds to. 2 years ago I lost 60 lbs. doing just that and I aim to keep that going.)
4. Believe I can do it. (I don't care what *it* is but I can do it)
5. Become a better gamer. I'm already good at some games but I'm going to branch out and try some that aren't in the norm for me. This is part of my master plan to become even more of a computer geek than I already am. Sexy, yes?
6. CSS ... if it kills me.
7. Pick up a programming language (or two). It's time for me to put my money where my mouth is and just BE what I want to be.
8. Decide where the hell I am going with my education. A doctorate is my eventual goal but that road is long and I don't see myself starting on it in my present position. I need more support at work and at home to begin thinking about this. Perhaps when my kids are in college *gulp* because by then I would like to be working at the university level anyway.
9. Advocate for myself. Enough *head in the sand* when it comes to solving problems, especially with my health and my family.
10. Be more proactive. This goes along with number 9 but It's even more agressive ... prevent problems beforte they happen.
11. Spend time each week doing something fun with each of my kids.
12. Read every day.
13. Write more. Not just here. I need to get back to my poetry. And my book.
14. Be more positive (and no, not positive that I will fail)
15. Sing more.
16. Tell someone I love them every day.
17. Be nicer to myself.
18. Stand up for myself. Say no once in a while.
19. stop caring so much what other people might think of me and LIVE A LITTLE.
20. Have. more. fun.
21. Worry less about the bad when the good is going on. I'm terrible about that, seeing the end of the road before I even get there then making myself miserable for half the ride. I will especially focus on being more *in the moment* when my boyfriend and I are together. Our life together is not bittersweet. Sure a long distance relationship sucks sometimes but it is SO GOOD when we are together. THis may make the time apart harder but do I really care about that? Hell no. I'm in this, 100%.
22. Schedule my life. For someone as Monk-ish as I am, can you believe I don't keep a day planner or a schedule?? I've got to be more anal about that and less about the little things ... like keeping my M&Ms separated.
23. Stop assuming the worst. Life is different now. Good things can happen.
24. Let. it. go.
25. Cry a river, build a bridge and GET OVER IT. I will mourn losses and allow myself to heal. I will even allow myself a wallow once in a while. I will not repress and sublimate my emotions. This may turn me into a big slobbering mess of mush but I will be healthier in the end ... and maybe it won't always be so close to the surface.

WHEW. Didn't think I had so many in me. We'll have to see how I do over time. So ... where's yours?

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