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November 16, 2005

No Frackin' Way!!!

Ok, I know I've mentioned here how lucky I am. Today just tops them all.

I'm at work this morning, dragging my bedraggled ass because I've made myself sick over everything lately, and feeling really sorry for myself. I told my assistant I needed to go home at noon ... she starts calling for a sub, I call my principal to let her know and settle in at my desk to write up a sub plan.

As I am wont to do *only, like, a MILLION times a day* I checked my email. A message from T, subject 'Woot!'. FIRST THING that popped in my head was that he was excited about his XBox 360 coming but, when I opened it, I about fell out of my seat.

He got us tickets to see INXS.

*Oh JOY!!*

We watched Rockstar this summer, both eager to see one of our all-time favorite bands perform again, both torn because Michael wasn't there. Would we still love their music? Could anyone replace him? The answer to the first one is a resounding YES! The second one, can JD replace Michael ... no, he can't nor would I want him to try ... but he can help them find a new sound and get back on top.

T knows how I feel and he's totally sold on a new INXS. No need to be sorry, babe. Did I want JD to win? No, I couldn't stand him and I was actually angry when he won ... still working that out, silly as it sounds. I wanted Marty to win and I used that as an excuse to be angry ... but now I think I just didn't want Michael to be really gone. How do you move on from that? How do you replace his talent? You don't. You reinvent.

I'm getting the best of both worlds, a dream come true. I get to see INXS live ... AND I get to see Marty live. MARTY! I was so excited about that prospect that I forgot he would be performing Trees, my absolute favorite original song that came out of Rockstar. Yeah, I like Pretty Vegas, too, T ... I just hate to admit it! You know I'll be singing along!

Wait ... I actually get the best of three worlds ... I get to see all of that with T, the only person I would want to see it with, the only person that understands how I'll be feeling that night and why I want so desperately to fall in love with them again. It's ok, we'll be together and we'll fall in love with the new incarnation together, I just know it. Maybe we'll both have closure over losing Michael. I think our torn strange addiction to the show this summer proved that we need something. We're actually doing the adult thing ... a date-like thing ... hopefully staying overnight since it's 3 hours from here. I may get my hotel wish after all.

BUT WAIT ... that's not all!!!!

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