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November 1, 2004

Before I even get a chance to get going here...

Can I just say one thing?


Whew ... I feel better. Not for nothing, but I do have my groundwork laid out for writing ... I just haven't put down any words in any order yet. I figured I would have time today, on my lunch break perhaps, to at least get my first few lines down and then, tonight, I'll be able to knock out a good chunk.

Unfortunately, when I came into work this morning, I was greeted by "Just the person we wanted to see!" and "Oh, have we got a problem for you!"

Still wearing my sunglasses and wiping the morning dew off my feet, I asked what was wrong.

Apparently, the system maintenance I did on Friday didn't work and our software based reading program was still FUBAR. Ok, no problem, just re-run the system utility and that should fix it, right??

Riiiight ...

4 attempts later, it finally worked ... but not before it disrupted the entire school and my "I just had a great weekend and I'm not going to let the crap at work kill it" vibe.

To make matters worse, my circulation software is also FUBAR. Items are not being found in the collection, the search utility will not work ... I am having to manually write down patron ID numbers and barcode numbers until this is fixed. I had just over 100 students wanting to check out this morning in a 15 minute time period and boy, is my hand tired.

SO ... as the tech liason for the school, I've got my work cut out for me today. I've spent a good hour on the phone to support this morning, both to my district monkeys and the software 'gearheads' in Minnesota. Round and round we go ... gotta love it!!

Could this be GOOD for my creative juices? Will I be able to focus this extra adrenaline in my system for good instead of evil?? I guess we'll see.

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