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August 29, 2004


Those of you that come here with any regularity (both of you,listen up .... ) might have noticed some changes of late. There are changes afoot, some good, some bad, and some pretty ugly ones that I was totally unprepared for.

First, the Good. Next week, I'm getting a new hosting company. Uptime with the website should be more reliable 1) because I'm paying for it and 2) because I'm paying for it. Yes, until now, I've had free hosting and have never complained ... I seriously believe the addage "You get what you pay for".

I signed up with IX Web Hosting last night and so far it's a pretty straightforward procedure ... except for ...

The Bad ... I've had the worst time renewing my domain name and now it's biting me in the ass. See, I bought my domain name from a GoDaddy reseller that has since gone out of business. When I tried to transfer it, I was told I couldn't because my information didn't add up. I tried to go back to the original company (did I mention they went out of business?) because my email address was WAY out of date and the new company couldn't confirm it was me because the email address was WAY out of date ... see where I'm going with this? I finally got on the phone with a rep from GoDaddy and he assured me that everything was taken care of and he renewed my domain name for me ... yet when I went to check my info on WhoIs, everything, including the email address is still wrong. I never got confirmation and now I'm unable to go in and change anything still. Yup, back on the phone with GoDaddy ... will do that as soon as I finish here. I need to change my nameservers ASAP before this place stops working on the old server.

That only means one thing is left ... yup, it's time for The Ugly ...

First ugly thing ... I'm sick. Not just "having a cold sick". But "sick as a dog" sick. Sick like I've never been sick before in my life. It started with a sore throat and quickly moved into my lungs. I thought I could manage everything with my rescue inhaler until I got the fever on Tuesday. After sleeping for 12 hours, it broke, and I went to work, thinking the worst was over. WEll, halfway through the day, I had the fever again. I went to bed as soon as I got home again and stayed there until morning. Thursday, I went back and forth all day between sweating profusely and having chills. I called the doctor that afternoon and explained what was happening and they told me they would call me right back. I went home to wait, hoping I would get into the office that afternoon. 7PM they called me back and told me to come in on Friday afternoon at 4:30. I struggled to get dressed for work on Friday, soaking through 2 sets of clothes before I could leave, and I was just 'there' at work, holding on until I could get to the doctor. By the time I got to their office, I was drenched again ... and feeling very attractive, let me tell you. When the nurse took my temp (102), she asked how long it had been this high. I told her I'd had it off and on since Tuesday but that it hadn't gone down since Wednesday afternoon. She remarked that she was suprised I could even sit up and brought me into the exam room to wait for the doctor.

The doctor, someone I had never met before, shook my hand, asked me what was wrong (as she took noted on her computer) and took a quickie exam ... eyes, earn, nose, throat. She listened to my breathing and then went back to her computer, asking only a few more questions before stepping out to pick up what she had printed. She gave me a scrip for Zyrtec (please, Z-pac, work your magic) and for a steriod inhaler and told me to come back in a week if I wasn't better.

Uhhh ... yeah, but what the hell do I have? She wrote on my bill that she saw me for bronchitis. Now, I know bronchitis ... I get bronchitis at least once a year ... and sir, this is NO bronchitis.

Since I saw her and started the Z-pac, my fever is still erratic (I've got to take advil every 4 hours or it soars back up ... as high as 102.5 for a while there), and I'm as weak as a newborn kitten. I'm also whiney and bitchy ... can ya tell? Ugh ...

That's not the only Ugly change ... but this is something else that I was unprepared for. If you notice, my website is only half of WordWhores. The other half was HeheheH, a brilliant, deviant, so totally wrong website that was run by the other idjit that started WordWhores. I have a long history with that idjit ... he was my first defender in VP when I first came online and together, we became a force to be reckoned with in VP ... until I couldn't stand it anymore. We started this website while he was visiting here and it's been a good thing ... until, inexplicably and without warning, his stuff was gone. Whoosh. No email. No snail mail. No carrier pigeon message. You would think that, if it meant enough, there would be a way to get a message through. I guess that's why it's ugly. At one time, I thought it meant enough.

Maybe that was the message. That was the click, the one I've been expecting all these years. Final and definite. After years of promises, inexplicable disappearances, and vague apologies, it's apparently not worth trying to even salvage our friendship anymore. It's too bad because our friendship was something that I treasured far more than anything else we had. I guess I shut off my bullshit detector and that's what I get.

*whoosh* indeed.

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